I love the part about some men "not seeing" what needs to be done around a home. And let me add that when you tell them what needs to be done, you are accused of nagging. I lived with that for about 8 years and it is infuriating.

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Sorry to say, I'm a journalist as well...and this doesn't begin to cover the horror of marriage in america today.


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neither my 64 yo able-bodied yet exec function impaired partner nor i do housework. the apartment that we can afford wasn't cleaned before move-in. the cupboards have dead mice and the place is swarming with roaches,. yet my skin is an efficient barrier against infection. my butt doesnt care if the toilet bowl is shiny, just that it flushes.

Takes a lotta shiny white privilege to afford an arsenal of wastefully packaged special purpose cleaners.

People CHOOSE whether to sheepleishly conform to the glossy magazine norm or to keep things comfortable.

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