Enter the Fray

On Fridays, I invite paying subscribers to enter the fray. I’ll ask a question related to my post that week and ask for input, opinions, additional ideas. Stemming from my post this week about saying No to the PTA, I’m interested in what kind of volunteering you find rewarding and enjoyable and what kind makes you want to pull your hair out. I had a mother implore after reading my post that not all jobs take so much time, that a shift at the book fair or a field trip is always rewarding. But I know for me, chaperoning the field trip felt like the ninth circle of hell. I took an entire day off work to essentially be a babysitter for other people’s kids? Instead of taking a day off work to do something that might restore me so that I could be a better mother, wife, writer? This is the tension, I think. We must value our time and use it in the ways that make sense for us, as individuals, not just in ways that our society suggests we should.

So tell me: in what ways do you enjoy volunteering for your school? What kind of volunteering do you avoid like the plague?

LOVE: I am on our district’s LGBTQ+ Council. It is a group of teachers, administrators, librarians, and parents working to make our district safer, more equitable, and welcoming for students of all identities.

HATE: And as mentioned, please do not ask me to chaperone the field trip.

Also, this UK Dad Live Tweeted his experience chaperoning a field trip. Please note that while he is lauded for his humor, I wonder what the response would have been if this had been a mother?