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Wow, this is so on point! I just read the chapter on resentment in Brene Brown's Atlas of the Heart, and she says Resentment is closely tied to ENVY...

“For years, I assumed that resentment was a form of anger related to my perfectionism. I mostly felt resentful toward people whom I perceived to be not working or sacrificing or grinding or perfecting or advocating as hard as I was...Resentment is a part of envy…I’m not mad because you’re resting. I’m mad because I’m so bone tired and I want to reset. But, unlike you, I’m going to pretend that I don’t need to.” ~Brene Brown

I have gotten better at this over the years. It started with giving myself permission to have childcare when I wasn't working. And then to allow myself to rest and relax IN FRONT OF THE NANNY! I'm now working on allowing myself to buy nice things, even when they aren't on sale. And to watch a TV show during the day while doing nothing (not while multi-tasking). Also, did you know that if you feel guilty while you're doing it it doesn't benefit you? So grant yourself permission, and then keep the guilt out! Thanks for this post. :)

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I had no idea that if you feel guilty doing something for yourself, it doesn't benefit you. That is really surprising! and yes to resentment being tied to envy. for sure. Thanks for weighing in!

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