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Cindy, the interview is so rich. Wearing our regret like ashes. That really resonated for me. Along with all the mothering work, I'm interested in how this overlaps with the "Nap Ministry" work by Tricia Hersey. I'm also interested in dominion over other human bodies and required labor that deletes agency. This post is making me wonder how we have a bigger public conversation about grieving our loss of agency, grieving our willingness to participate in systems that are not designed for our own wellbeing, and the radical work of creating space and time to dare to imagine a different way of being. Sometimes I imagine Atherton from the sky, and I see these contemporary kings in their castles and the way a single Silicon Valley job reigns over a large domestic team. It feels so out of balance and unsustainable. I feel so embedded in it, so tired, and so at my wits end on how to rebuild for harmony and sustainability.

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